Delicious Prosecco cocktails to choose from:

Bakewell Fizz

Amaretto & Cherry Brandy, topped with Prosecco, finished with a cherry to garnish

Elderflower Fizz

Elderflower liqueur, topped with Prosecco, finished with a slice of lemon

Limoncello Sparkle

Chilled Limoncello, topped with Prosecco, finished in a sweet sugar rimmed glass

Gin Fizz

Gin with an Elderflower cordial, topped up with Prosecco, finished with a sprig of mint and fresh raspberries

Aperol Spritz

Aperol and Prosecco, and a dash of soda water, finished with a slice of orange

Bucks Fizz

A nice and simple Prosecco and Orange Juice

Fruity Bellini

A fruity puree topped with Prosecco. Why not have a twist on your traditional Peach Bellini and pick one of the following flavours instead: Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and of course Peach

If you have any favourite brands of spirits that you would like in the cocktails for your event then please let us know and we can tailor the package to suit.